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Shada was a book in the Eleventh Doctor's bookshop. When opened and read by Amelia Pond, it sent the shop apparently into the book itself. However, any of the books could do this, as the Doctor said not to touch any of the books and that the shop could be "in any story, anywhere in the universe of imagination".

Inhabitants Edit

There must once have been life inside the book's world, but by the time they arrived, the Doctor, Amy and Rory found that the whole world was dead and barren. The only signs of life were a large city in the distance and dead trees, some of which had strange humanoid forms protruding from the trunks. This was found to be caused by an attack by the White Queen, who had the ability to turn people into trees. She was found as a Weeping Angel-like statue, which quickly came to life and chased down the trio. (COMIC: The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop)

Behind the scenes Edit

The book is named after the unaired TV story.

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