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Shadow Planet was a full cast audio story released on 13 June 2017 by Big Finish Productions. Shorter than the vast majority of stories in the Doctor Who monthly range, it appeared alongside World Apart.

Like Alien Heart, Shadow Planet ended in a cliffhanger leading directly into World Apart.

Publisher's summary Edit

Troubled? Anxious? Tormented by self-doubt? Come to Unity, the psychic planet! From our therapy centre beside Unity's idyllic shores, the Unity Corporation can help you overcome all your problems. How? By using a patented combination of technology and Jungian psychology, we can bring you face to face with your shadow self. The hidden you. The dark you. The you that no-one knows...

Rest assured: the process is perfectly safe. Nothing can possibly go wrong. And that's guaranteed!

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

References Edit

  • Ace speculates that the planet Hair is composed entirely of hair. Hex does not find this prospect very appealing, claiming that Hair sounded as if it resembled a coughed up hairball.
  • The sand on Unity is blue.
  • According to her shadow self, Ace is afraid of dentists.
  • Unity was formerly called Umbra. Its native people were called the Umbrans, who were enticed to leave the planet and take up residence on one of the moon colonies. The Doctor visited Umbra during one of his first six incarnations.

Notes Edit

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