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The Shanghorn was a creature found on several different planets, and potentially a name given to several creatures.

Venusian Shanghorn Edit

Two different types of creatures were known as Shanghorns on Venus.

One type was a large, rhinoceros-like creature with two horns. They were placid herbivores which could be easily put to sleep with music. Vepaja controlled a herd of them to attack Amtor, but Henry Gordon Jago, George Litefoot, and Felina sang "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" and stopped the stampede. (AUDIO: Voyage to Venus) There was a Thraskin proverb about trusting a Venusian Shanghorn with your perigosto stick. (TV: The Green Death)

Another type was an aquatic, shark-like creature with sharp fangs. The Venusian artist Radico Harstel created The Physical Impossibility of Getting a Shanghorn into a Glass Tank using a dead Shanghorn. (PROSE: The War of Art)

Other species Edit

Shanghorns could also be found on Ty. The Doctor once got caught up in a Shanghorn-running ceremony on Ty. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

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