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Sharon Kreig was an IMC shock trooper. She had a collection of thirty-eight ears, one from each action she participated in. One was from the daughter of the chairman of InterSpace Incorporated, which she helped IMC take over in Tokyo in 2156.

When IMC bought the mining rights to the Lucifer system in 2157, she shared quarters aboard the Insider Trading with Jay Ardamal and Jason Dommer. She and Ardamal were sent to investigate the Mushroom Farm on Belial by Ace. When they got there, they found Alex Bannen using the machinery to alter reality by modifying morphic fields. Kreig's voice turned to liquid, her skin became purple and spiny, and her body fused with Ardamal's, with both of them going mad. Bernice and Ace later found their mangled bodies. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)