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Shawcraft Models produced a number of models for Doctor Who in the 1960s.

Shawcraft produced a model that was used in the original version of "The Dead Planet". When this episode had to be refilmed, Shawcraft took the opportunity to remake the model to a better standard.

Shawcraft also provided the props for several James Bond films and the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, for which they made the titular car.

Doctor Who stopped using Shawcraft after several incidents concerning the props for The Faceless Ones. The satellite used in the episode had not been finished properly and one of the bulbs in it blew out and took thirty minutes for a replacement to be found. Finally, the single wire holding up the satellite snapped, sending the prop crashing to the ground. Unimpressed with the firms work, the director Gerry Mill conveyed his problems with the firm to producer Innes Lloyd, after which Mill warned other directors about Shawcraft's problems. Starting with the next serial, The Evil of the Daleks, visual effects were handled by the BBC's own visual effects team. Doctor Who never used Shawcraft again. (DWM 212)

The 2|entertain documentary, Shawcraft - The Original Monster Makers, explored Shawcraft's role in Doctor Who.

List of models produced Edit

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