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Shawnie Yamaguchi was a CIA agent who was sent to monitor Jilly Kitzinger in 2011. She went to Jilly, claiming to be looking for an internship in PR, and asked to work for her. Jilly hired her and told her to bring her a tomato and Swiss cheese on sourdough sandwich and hire a prostitute for Oswald Danes. After Jilly was assaulted by Oswald, she explained to Shawnie that she was planning to hold a press conference to let the world know what Oswald had done. An agent of the Families whom Jilly had met at the miracle rally shot Shawnie, reducing her to category one. The man explained that Shawnie was actually working for the CIA. She fell into the lift and squeaked a little. (TV: End of the Road)

Being a category one deceased, she was presumably sent to the modules and incinerated. (TV: The Gathering)

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