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She Said, He Said: A Prequel (webcast)

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She Said, He Said: A Prequel
She Said, He Said
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Clara
Main setting: A museum
Key crew
Writer: Steven Moffat
Release details
Season/series: 7
Premiere broadcast: 11 May 2013
Premiere network: BBC Red Button
Format: 1x3.5 minute webcast
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Full video
She Said, He Said A Prequel - The Name of the Doctor - Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (2013) - BBC One03:31

She Said, He Said A Prequel - The Name of the Doctor - Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (2013) - BBC One

She Said, He Said: A Prequel was the prequel to the final episode of the seventh series of Doctor Who, The Name of the Doctor. Uniquely for a prequel, this was set after the TV story it was a prequel for.


Shot in a dreamlike style and set in a dusty old museum, possibly located within the Doctor's TARDIS, She Said, He Said sees the Doctor and Clara Oswald talking directly to the camera as they reflect on how little they really know about one another.


The prequel is divided into two parts: "Clara" and "The Doctor." Each part consists of a monologue delivered by its title character.

Clara and the Doctor each walk down memory lane, and discover just how much they don't know about each other. They then reveal that they found out each other's secrets, when they went to Trenzalore. As each speaks, the other stands watching, but immobile.




  • On a table in the background, there is a plastic head that resembles the face of the Doctor's ninth incarnation.

Story notes

  • Although titled as a prequel, both Clara and the Doctor refer to events in the past tense, making this more correctly a sequel/coda to The Name of the Doctor.
  • This story's title follows the scheme of the previous webcast, The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel.
  • This story is unique in terms of style: consisting of two parts, each with a monologue from either Clara or the Doctor. It also breaks the fourth wall, something uncommon in stories meant to be set in the DWU. The fact it is set amongst props from previous episodes also makes it difficult to rationalise in terms of canon.
  • The BBC credit She Said, He Said as "one of the show's longest prequels."[1]


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