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Shining Horizon

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Shining Horizon
Type: Osiran mothership
Used by: Anubis
First seen in: Spiral Staircase
Appearances: COMIC: Sins of the Father

Shining Horizon was an Osiran mothership hidden from the rest of the universe near the Circle of Transcendence.

After other Osirans had left the universe, Anubis has spent millennia hibernating on board the Shining Horizon. Fulfilling her orders to collect all Osiran devices in existence, the Seeker brought Dorothy Bell, who merged with the former Hand of Sutekh, to the Shining Horizon, taking along Gabby Gonzalez and several humans. The Tenth Doctor was able to follow the Seeker in his TARDIS using the signal of Gabby's phone. (COMIC: Spiral Staircase)

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