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Sholakh was the aide to the Graff Vynda-K.


Sholakh was a general during the Alliance Wars and fought by the emperor's side. Once, he planted the standard of the Empire in the heart of Crestan general.

After the removal of Graff from the throne, Sholakh went with him to Ribos. He was distrustful of the people there, especially Garron, who wanted to sell the planet to the Graff. Garron tricked the Graff into buying the planet in the belief that it had large natural resources of jethrik, a valuable mineral. In revenge, Graff, Sholakh and their men pursued Garron and the Fourth Doctor into the catacombs.

The Shrieves, a native guard force, closed off the catacombs and fired a cannon at the entrance. This caused a rock fall that killed Sholakh. Graff promised to avenge him, and shortly before his death, having been taken by madness, ordered Sholakh to lead his army in the attack. (TV: The Ribos Operation)