Short Trips: Monsters was the ninth volume of the Short Trips series published by Big Finish Productions.

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Whether made of flesh and bone, or created in the deep recesses of the mind, monsters are terrible things...

They hunt, they chase, they stalk.

They don't stop and they don't listen to your pleas...

They come after you in the night, when you least expect it; they invade your world when all seems safe.

Monsters features stories that tell tale of such beasts — some real, some imaginary; some alien, some home-grown.

Don't read it alone...

mon-ster n. : 1: an imaginary creature, usu. large and frightening, compounded of incongruous elements. 2: an inhumanly cruel or wicked person.

"There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things that act against everything we believe in. They must be fought." — Doctor Who: The Moonbase by Kit Pedler

There are monsters everywhere. Sometimes, they are barbaric creatures — all fangs and claws and teeth. Sometimes, they are surreptitious, subtle, sneaky. They aim to destroy, to scare, to create havoc, to kill.

Monsters can be found in unusual places — a museum in turn-of-the-century Rome, a convalescence home deep in the English countryside, media organisations — and in a variety of forms. They're not all slobbering, rampaging beasts — most attack their prey with means more cunning than violence.

The Doctor and his companions come up against them constantly: they help the victims and defeat the monsters. Most of the time.

Monsters features eleven stories that look at the concept of "monster". In this collection, we meet aliens who take delight in manipulating the populace, a creature who lives for eternity, a monster who lives inside marble and monsters who live inside our heroes...

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
Best SellerIan Mond and Danny OzEighth Doctor, Charley Pollard
From EternityJim MortimoreUnspecified Doctor
Last RitesMarc PlattSeventh Doctor, Ace
The Touch of the NurazhStephen HatcherThird Doctor, Jo Grant
FlashpointMatt GradyFifth Doctor, Liz Shaw
These Things Take TimeSamantha BakerSeventh Doctor, Ace, Hex
Categorical ImperativeSimon GuerrierFirst Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Ace, Charley Pollard, Jamie, Jo Grant, Susan, Peri
Trapped!Joseph LidsterSixth Doctor, Peri
Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of LifeAnthony KeetchFifth Doctor, Nyssa
ScreamagerJacqueline RaynerSecond Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield
The Colour of MonstersSteve LyonsUnspecified Doctor

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