Short Trips: Snapshots was the twenty-first Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

A mysterious ghost haunts a hotel in India. The terrifying alien C'rizz attacks commuters in King's Cross station. Beneath a London council estate, a creature is waiting to be born. And on a distant world, an old man trades stories with a strange time traveller.

Throughout his adventures in time and space, the Doctor meets so many people and each one is affected in some way. The waiter who keeps a special table for the Time Lord's granddaughter, Susan. The American student who befriends lost Lucie Miller. The teenage girl who discovers that she may be something more than human.

What is it like when that strange blue box appears in your life? What is it like when your eyes are opened to so much more?

What is it like when everything changes?

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
GolemLizzie HopleySecond Doctor
Indian SummerJames GossFirst Doctor, Susan
All of BeyondHelen RaynorSecond Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon
The Eyes Have ItColin HarveySixth Doctor, Mel
The Misadventure of Mark Thorne Andy FrankhamFifth Doctor, Turlough
Attachments Scott HandcockFourth Doctor, Oliver Day
There's Something About Mary Simon GuerrierFifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor
My HeroStuart ManningFourth Doctor
Plight of the MonkrahJohn DaviesFourth Doctor, Oliver Day
Remain in LightEddie RobsonEighth Doctor, Lucie Miller
In Case of EmergenciesIan FarringtonFourth Doctor
PuppeteerBenjamin AdamsFourth Doctor, Oliver Day
OsskahGary OwenEighth Doctor
PiecemealJames SwallowFifth Doctor, Turlough
The ReportGary RussellSeventh Doctor, Ace, Hex
You Had Me at Verify User Name and PasswordStel PavlouEighth Doctor, Charley Pollard
She KnewNigel FairsThird Doctor
The Glarn StrategyBrian DooleyFourth Doctor, Romana I
Salva MeaJoseph LidsterEighth Doctor, Charley Pollard, C'rizz
The Sorrows of ViennaSteven SavileEighth Doctor
FanboysPaul MagrsDoctor Who

Notes Edit

  • This collection features the first appearance of the Eighth Doctor's companion Lucie Miller in print.

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