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Short Trips: The Centenarian

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Short Trips: The Centenarian
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Editor: Ian Farrington
Release details
Release number: 17
Release date: 1 August 2006
Format: Hardcover, 292 pages
ISBN 1-84435-191-2
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Short Trips anthologies
Short Trips: Farewells Short Trips: Time Signature
Short Trips: The Centenarian was the seventeenth Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger.

His life is much like any other — full of family and friends, love and passion, incidents and turning points. He travels, works, laughs and cries. He has parents, a wife, a child, a grandchild. He lives life to the full.

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger.

Except... from the day he was born, until the day he will die, he keeps meeting the Doctor. Sometimes a different Doctor, sometimes the same Doctor.

There is nothing special about Edward Grainger.

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
PrologueJoseph LidsterEighth Doctor, Edward Grainger
EchoesGary RussellThird Doctor
Direct ActionIan MondFourth Doctor
Dream DevilsGlen McCoyThird Doctor
Falling from Xi'anSteven SavileFifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough
Log 384Steven A. RomanSeventh Doctor
The Church of FootballBenjamin AdamsFifth Doctor, Peri
Incongruous DetailsSimon GuerrierSixth Doctor
Ancient WhispersBrian WillisThird Doctor
First BornLizzie HopleyFifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan
Dear JohnJohn DaviesEighth Doctor, Gemma Griffin, Samson Griffin
CheckpointStel PavlouFourth Doctor, Romana II
Childhood LivingSamantha BakerFirst Doctor, Susan
The Lostbased on a story by L.J. ScottSecond Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield
Old BoysSteve Parsons and Andrew Stirling-BrownSixth Doctor, Peri, Mel, Evelyn Smythe
TestamentStephen HatcherSeventh Doctor
ForgottenJoseph LidsterEighth Doctor

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