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Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership was the twenty-fourth Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

King Loran of Zalezna is dead, the victim of an attempted coup. However, with the help of the Eighth Doctor, Loran's son and heir, Mihal, is able to stop the rebels and claim the throne. Now Mihal faces the prospect of ruling before he's ready. By way of helping Mihal prepare for his new role, the Doctor tells him of the many leaders he's met over the course of his lives...

Join the Doctor as he regales Prince Mihal with stories from throughout time and space. There are tales of the Roman Empire, from Emperor Theodoric to rebels Spartacus and Calpurnia to Rome's enemy Queen Boudica. There's King Arthur and Plato as they've never been seen before, Martin Luther and King Henry VIII in the midst of rewriting Europe's religious landscape and an unexpected side of William Wallace. The Doctor also travels to such exotic worlds as Rishik and Mitidiki, and arrives at a deceptively mundane department store.

Leadership comes in many forms. Some are unexpected, some are less pleasant than you'd think and some aren't quite what history would later paint them to be.

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
From Little Acorns John S. Drew Eighth Doctor
One Fateful Knight Peter David Eighth Doctor
The Slave War Una McCormack Second Doctor, Jamie, Ben Jackson, Polly
Goths and Robbers Diane Duane Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka
Good Queen, Bad Queen, I Queen, You Queen Terri Osborne Fourth Doctor, Romana I, K9
The Price of Conviction Richard C. White First Doctor, Susan
God Send Me Well to Keep Linnea Dodson Fifth Doctor, Nyssa
Peaceable Kingdom Steven Savile Seventh Doctor
Rock Star Robert T. Jeschonek Third Doctor, Jo Grant
On a Pedestal Kathleen O. David Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield
Clean-up on Aisle Two James Swallow Seventh Doctor
The Spindle of Necessity Allyn Gibson Sixth Doctor
Epilogue John S. Drew Eighth Doctor

Notes Edit

  • Editor Keith R.A. DeCandido, who had contributed to past volumes of both the Short Trips and Decalog series, is best known for his work writing original fiction for the Star Trek franchise. For this volume, DeCandido recruited several fellow Trek fiction writers, including Diane Duane and Peter David.

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