Short Trips was the first book in the BBC Books Short Trips series. An abridged audiobook version narrated by Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred featured five of the original stories, Freedom, Model Train Set, Glass, Stop the Pigeon and Old Flames, alongside an exclusive story, Degrees of Truth.

Publisher's summary Edit

From Neolithic Earth to the furthest reaches of the universe in the far future, Short Trips brings together established Doctor Who authors and first-time writers in a collection of stories exploring the ever-changing worlds of the Doctor and his friends.

Witness the last days of the siege of Masada with the First Doctor and meet the Fourth Doctor's extraordinary "old flame". An evil enemy makes life difficult for the Seventh and Third Doctors, and while the Fifth Doctor is under attack on a sinister ship shrouded in fog, the Second may soon be guilty of a grave error of judgement... The Sixth Doctor's hopes of a holiday are dashed when he discovers a pleasure planet is hiding a shocking secret, and the Eighth Doctor is caught up in a deadly drama played out during the construction of Stonehenge.

And of course, that just the beginning...

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring Audiobook Release
Model Train SetJonathan BlumEighth DoctorShort Trips
Old FlamesPaul MagrsFourth Doctor, SarahShort Trips
War CrimesSimon Bucher-JonesSecond Doctor, Jamie, ZoeNo
The Last DaysEvan PritchardFirst Doctor, Susan, Barbara, IanNo
Stop the PigeonMike Tucker and Robert PerrySeventh Doctor, AceShort Trips
FreedomSteve LyonsThird Doctor, JoShort Trips
GlassTara SammsFourth Doctor, Romana IIShort Trips
Mondas PassingPaul GriceBen, PollyNo
There are Fairies at the Bottom of the GardenSam LesterFirst Doctor, DodoNo
Mother's Little HelperMatthew JonesSecond DoctorNo
The Parliament of RatsDaniel O'MahonyFifth Doctor, NyssaNo
RightsPaul GriceFourth Doctor, SarahNo
Wish You Were HereGuy ClappertonSixth DoctorOut of the Darkness
Ace of HeartsMike Tucker and Robert PerrySeventh DoctorNo
The People's TemplePaul LeonardEighth Doctor, SamEarth and Beyond
Degrees of Truth (only available on audio version)David A. McInteeThird Doctor, the BrigShort Trips

Audiobook Edit

An audiobook of the same name was released the same year narrated by Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred, featuring five stories from the collection. Two similar audio collections, Out of the Darkness and Earth and Beyond collated stories for the Sixth and Eighth Doctors (sourced from this release and More Short Trips), alongside an original story.

These stories were reissued on MP3-CD from 2004-2005 on Tales from the TARDIS volumes 1 and 2.

Additionally, two stories from the 1998 audiobook, Freedom and Old Flames, appeared on the audio CD Tales from the TARDIS in 2008.

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