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Short Trips and Side Steps

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Short Trips and Side Steps
BBC 3 Short Trips and Side Steps
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Editor: Stephen Cole and Jacqueline Rayner
Release details
Release number: 3
Release date: 6 March 2000
ISBN 0-563-55599-8
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Short Trips anthologies
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Short Trips and Side Steps was the third book in the Short Trips series. It was the final one published by BBC Books.

In addition to stories featuring the First through Eighth Doctors set in the Doctor Who universe, this anthology featured stories set in "other universe" settings such as those of Dr. Who and the Daleks and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure.

Publisher's summary Edit

How many lives has the Doctor had? Perhaps more than you think...

Follow the Doctor and his companions as they take short trips around the universe — perhaps to a Wild West overrun with dinosaurs, to a land where robot rabbits roam, or a planet where the Doctor must marry or die — and then step sideways into other universes — worlds full of song and dance; planets made entirely of sweets; lands of movie monsters; places where the Doctor as we know him may never have existed at all...

Individual Stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
The Longest Story in the WorldPaul MagrsFirst Doctor, Susan
A Town Called EternityLance Parkin and Mark ClaphamFifth Doctor, Peri
The Not-So-Sinister SpongeGareth Roberts and Clayton HickmanFourth Doctor, Romana, K9 Mark II
Nothing at the End of the LaneDaniel O'MahonyFirst Doctor, Susan, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright
Countdown to TV ActionGary RussellThird Doctor
The Queen of ErosTrevor BaxendaleEighth Doctor, Sam Jones
The Android Maker of Calderon IVMiche DohertyFourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith
RevenantsPeter AnghelidesFuture Doctor
Please Shut the GateStephen LockSecond Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot
Turnabout is Fair PlayGraeme BurkSixth Doctor, Peri
Do You Love Anyone Enough?Norman AshbyFourth Doctor, Romana
The House on Oldark MoorJustin RichardsDoctor Who
Gone Too SoonChristopher M. WadleySixth Doctor
ReunionJason LoborikSecond Doctor
Planet of the BunnoidsHarriet GreenFirst Doctor, Steven Taylor, Vicki
MonstersTara SammsSeventh Doctor, Ace
Better Watch Out, Better Take CareSteve BurfordFourth Doctor, Romana
Face ValueSteve LyonsSixth Doctor, Crystal, Zog, Jason
Storm in a TikkaMike Tucker and Robert PerrySeventh Doctor, Ace, K9
Playing with ToysDavid AgnewFourth Doctor, Romana
VrsLwrnc MlsCybrmn

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