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The Shrieve captain was the commander of the Shrieves guarding the crown jewels of Ribos, housed in the relic-room of the city of Shur.

He performed two ceremonies a day, along with two other Shrieves. In the evening ceremony, they locked the relic-room, and in the morning opened it, reciting:

"We give thanks for the dawn of a new day, and the retreat of the night, and the powers of darkness."

The captain kept the keys to the relic-room, and had an eagle-topped staff that was used to light and extinguish the light-domes of the relic-room during the ceremonies.

He allowed Garron to keep his money with the crown jewels after Garron suggested that he would make a "donation" of 100 or 1000 Opeks. The captain appeared to be literate, signing his name on the deposit. (TV: The Ribos Operation)


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