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Sigmund Freud
Species: Human
Place of origin: Austria
Appearance: Return of the Repressed
Main actor: Adrian Lukis

Sigmund Freud was a psychiatrist in the 20th century.

Freud was born and lived in Austria for the entirety of his youth. He visited London in 1893 where he met Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot. Freud helped the duo to stop the physical manifestation of Litefoot's mind from causing trouble. (AUDIO: Return of the Repressed)

When Grace Holloway jokingly told the Master that the Eighth Doctor liked being called "Doctor", she recalled that Freud had a name for that. The Master answered with "transference". The Doctor sarcastically called Grace "witty" for that remark and claimed that "at least Freud would have taken me seriously." Grace thought that Freud would have "hung up his pipe" if he met him, to which the Doctor replied he had met him and they "got on very well". (TV: Doctor Who)

The Master met Freud and gave him his first box of cigars. (AUDIO: Death Match)

The Eighth Doctor visited Freud sometime during the 20th century while he was suffering from amnesia in an attempt to jog his own memory. (PROSE: The City of the Dead) He asked Freud about his phobia about silverfish, but Freud wouldn't tell him what he'd said under hypnosis. (PROSE: Grimm Reality) Freud wrote a book called The Interpretation of Dreams. (PROSE: Evergreen) The Doctor once taught a form of hypnotism to him. (AUDIO: The Girl Who Never Was)

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