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Silurian Hunter

A group of hunters. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

Hunters was what the Eleventh Doctor called masked Silurian soldiers. These soldiers were a type of Silurian who lacked a third eye. In addition to the masks, hunters were equipped with sonic discs. (GAME: The Mazes of Time)

In 102, when Silurians joined the Alliance to imprison the Doctor in the Pandorica, two hunters were at the Underhenge when the Doctor was locked in. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

In a Silurian city, below the Welsh village of Cwmtaff, Restac was the commander of the hunters, with her sister, Alaya, among them. In 2020, the city was woken by a mining trial led by Nasreen Chaudhry and Tony Mack. The Silurians took corpses from a graveyard for study, as well as Mo Northover and later Amy Pond as living subjects. Eventually they contained the village in a force field and captured Elliot Northover. Alaya came to the surface and was captured. While the Doctor and Nasreen travelled to the Silurian city to negotiate her return for Mo, Elliot and Amy, Alaya was guarded by Tony, Rory Williams and Ambrose Northover. The Doctor and Nasreen were captured, while Amy and Mo escaped. After an abortive rescue attempt, the Doctor convinced the Silurian leader Eldane, to negotiate with Amy and Nasreen for the future of both their races. Back on the surface, Ambrose tried to help her family and threatened Alaya, accidentally killing her just as the group were summoned to the city. Alaya's death was received badly by her sister, Restac, who assembled an army and tried to kill all the humans in retribution. Eldane led the Doctor and his friends to a laboratory. He released a deadly gas into the city, forcing Restac's troops to return to hibernation. The timer was set for a thousand years, to permit a second chance at negotiation. (TV: The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood)

Hunters were called upon by the Doctor to help him in the Battle of Demon's Run to rescue Amy Pond. Nearly all of these Silurians were killed by the Headless Monks. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

At least one hunter was abducted and sent to face their fear in the Minotaur's Prison Ship. (TV: The God Complex)

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