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Silver was the creator of the Silverati.

History Edit

Silver was born on Earth in the late 30th century. He was born crippled and was not expected to live a long life, until his skill at hacking computers was discovered by the authorities and his lungs were replaced with artificial ones.

Silver was later recruited into the military where he was badly injured, losing a hand and an eye. Silver was cybernetically enhanced and his brain was merged with an alien liquid computer system which had fallen into human hands. Thanks to his intellect and understanding of computers, he immediately integrated perfectly with the alien technology and disabled all the fail-safes designed by the scientists in order to control him.

Following an invasion of Earth in 3006, the desperate authorities used an experimental time device in a gambit to find ways of defeating the invaders. Silver was sent into the future, from where he intended not to return. Silver ended up stranded on the planet Endpoint, where he rapidly established himself as the most powerful man in Hope.

Later in his life, Silver created 36 Silverati from cryogenically preserved humans in a bunker on Endpoint. The Eighth Doctor later trapped Silver with the Silverati on A2756. (PROSE: Hope)

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