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Simia KK98 was one of the few Gallifreyan colonies.

Geography Edit

Simia KK98's psychedelic sky and landscape caused most humanoids to hallucinate. The planet was uninhabited before colonisation, although the planet did support basic fungal life. Cwej's employers built numerous rocky fortresses on its surface, plus one huge central city. There was a six-armed statue of Rassilon outside the fortress, which housed the entrance to a bottle universe. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

History Edit

Simia KK98 was originally a colony of the Great Houses which was colonised to use as a hiding place if anything ever befell the Homeworld. (PROSE: Dead Romance) Faction Paradox once sent the Remote to attack Simia KK98, but they were repelled by the House Military. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

The Time Lords grew the sentient Type 103 TARDIS Marie on Simia KK98. Homunculette and his Chapterhouse once spent months on Simia KK98 sealed in the silos beneath the permafrost waiting for the Enemy's probes to finish scanning the surface. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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