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Sins of the Father (comic story)

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Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father (comic story)
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Gabby
Main enemy: Anubis
Main setting: on board the Shining Horizon and Sunset Park, 21st century
Key crew
Publisher: Titan Comics
Editor: Andrew James
Writer: Nick Abadzis
Designer: Rob Farmer
Penciller: Elena Casagrande
Inker: Simone Di Meo
Colourist: Arianna Florean
Letterer: Richard Starkings
Jimmy Betancourt
Release details
Printed in: 10D 15
Release date: 2 September 2015
Cover date: September 2015
Reprinted in: Tales from the TARDIS #3
Traded in: The Fountains of Forever
Format: Comic
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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
Spiral Staircase The Singer Not the Song

Sins of the Father was the third part of the fifth story of the Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor comic story series, published in 2015. It was the finale to the first year of the series.

Summary Edit

Gabby, Cindy and the Doctor face their greatest challenge yet! The whole year has been building to this – what state will the Doctor and his companions be left in when the smoke clears?!

  • Ancient evil from the heart of the universe!
  • An impossible decision!
  • Shocks and surprises right down to the last page!

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

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Original print details Edit

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Continuity Edit


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