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Also called: Skardel
Type: Rogue planet
Appearances: COMIC: The Rogue Planet, Impasse

Skardal, also spelt Skardel, was a rogue planet. It was created when a comet travelled through a cloud of space dust, causing each dust particle to become magnetised and join together.

A collision with Omega Three altered its course to collide with Skaro. The Daleks altered its course to move away from Skaro and collide with Mechanus. (COMIC: The Rogue Planet) Skardal was destroyed by a Dalek warhead stolen by 2K and anti-missile rockets fired by the Daleks, preventing the destruction of Mechanus. (COMIC: Impasse)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Skardal was spelled "Skardel" in Impasse.

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