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Skoob was a drug that could cause abnormal rage and strength.

Skoob took the form of glowing, green granules. It caused an immediate high, followed by a very fast withdrawal syndrome. If the drug was withdrawn, it caused acute and violent paranoia, which might continue even if more skoob were found. It was almost universally banned across the galaxy, with even the drug lords refusing to sell it.

Skoob was originally found on a jungle planet. The natives of the planet extracted it from the roots of a rare plant and used it for religious ceremonies. The plant would only grow on the one planet, due to the composition of the soil. Eventually, several planetary governments joined together and burnt every plant on the planet and put the planet on permanent quarantine. Despite this, some escaped the quarantine and made its way to Nastur of Mega City in 2594. (PROSE: Mean Streets)