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Skrant was a Sontaran sent on a seven-year mission to undermine and conquer the planet Braktalis, whose society seemed to be similar to Earth's Middle Ages.

Demimon, an astrologer and stargazer, witnessed the arrival of Skrant's ship. He saw it as a sign and allied with Skrant. Although Skrant was dismissive of astrology, Demimon's predictions came true. An army of archers, cavalry and foot soldiers from Garnethe attacked Skrant and his twenty new Sontaran clones. As Demimon had predicted, the archers killed the newly born Sontarans one by one. Demimon warned Skrant of an attack from behind, but Skrant told him that the ship had only one entrance. When Skrant went to the controls to close the door, Demimon saw his daughter on the viewscreen. Fearing for her life, he struck the Sontaran's probic vent and killed him. (COMIC: The Outsider)