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"Skunkey" was a term coined by Clara Oswald to describe a species of creatures resembling both a monkey and a skunk that could be found on the planet of Isen VI around the 25th century.

Skunkeys were artificially created by Dollar Intergalactic in the process of Terraforming the planet. They were intended to be harmless, however, Rann-Korr's meddling with the terraforming process imbued them with aggressive features.

Skunkeys possessed a rudimentary primitive language: "chakka-chakka" was used to show interest, "shakka-shakka" was an attacking cry, and "akka-akka" was a cry of fear.

They were afraid of sonic pulses in the range not audible for humans and Time Lords.

A skunkey stole Clara's hat and led her to a group of skunkeys who attacked her, only rebuffed with the use of the Twelfth Doctor's Sonic screwdriver. (COMIC: Terrorformer)

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