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You may be looking for Kingpin, nicknamed Deadbeat.

The Sleeze Brothers were a pair of private investigator brothers who lived sometime after the 20th century in the Big Apple. Deadbeat was tall and thin with a long face, while El Ape was round-faced, short and stocky. They both wore dark glasses and porkpie hats, and drove a hovercar that looked like a Volkswagen Beetle.

One day while they were driving, the Monk's TARDIS materialised in front of them looking like a portaloo and they crashed into it. The Monk was trying to stop President Sinatra from having another term. The Seventh Doctor arrived to try and stop him, but the Monk escaped.

Since there was no one to pay for the repairs to their hovercar, the Brothers pulled a gun on the Doctor and made him follow the Monk. After chasing him to Tunguska in 1908 and the RMS Titanic in 1912, they finally caught up with him in Bermuda in 1945. The Monk's TARDIS was damaged, and before it exploded causing a hole in time and space, the Doctor captured the Monk. He then returned to the Brothers own time and threw them out of the TARDIS. (COMIC: Follow That TARDIS!)

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