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Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday (Annual short story)

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Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday
DWA 2012 Snow White and 7 Keys
Key crew
Writer: Justin Richards
Illustrator: Duncan Smith
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012
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Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday was a short story by Justin Richards published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012.


A tale from the Old Times of Gallifrey tells how Rassilon asked the Matrix daily "Matrix, Matrix that sees over all, who has the power to make Gallifrey fall?" to which came the daily reply was "Only you, oh Rassilon. Only you, through the Eye of Harmony have that power." But one day came the reply "Snowana the Fair, using the Keys of Doomsday, she has the power to destroy all of Gallifrey." Rassilon was enraged and banished the young girl into the wastelands of Outer Gallifrey where he believed she would die, and he never again asked the question of the Matrix. But Snowana didn't die and grew into a beautiful woman nicknamed Snow White . She became the object of love for a Prince named Antonio, who slayed evil dragons to protect the castle. He intended on marrying Snowana, and moving her into the castle. The Prince had waited his entire life for his one true love! When she arrived he was going to propose marriage.

Selendor found a powerful ore in the ground and fashioned a weapon to destroy the city. Seven keys were fashioned for the weapon, one for each of the crimes of the Time Lords (Pride, Injustice, Power, Exile, Knowledge, Wisdom, and finally the Key of Nevermore). Rings were worn by Prince Antonio for strength. The rings protected Snowana, and the man she would marry wore them. She needed to go to him.

Snowana fled and, knowing she wouldn't be safe, used her knowledge and power of the rings to find Prince Antonio. Together they were more powerful, unstoppable. Selendor was slain by the Prince and his men. The city was saved. Prince Antoinio asked Snow White to be his wife. The Prince gave one of the rings to his new Princess. They were inseparable, and loved one another very much. Some of the men had brought a baby to the castle they had found abandoned in the Enchanted Forest. The Prince and Princess took the baby as their very own. The family rode horses, picked berries, and played games. The three of them were very happy.

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References Edit

  • This tale supports the notion that Rassilon was insecure about rule over Gallifrey and acted to ensure he went unchallenged.
  • For those not banished to the wastelands of Outer Gallifrey, vaporisation was a means of dealing with 'undesirable' elements.


Continuity Edit

  • Those banished to the wastelands of Gallifrey are referred to as Outlers; by the time of the events in The Invasion of Time in Gallifrey's history they are called Outsiders.
  • Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday was referenced in the episode Night Terrors as a story which the Eleventh Doctor claimed to have enjoyed in his childhood. This story was intended to be published after the broadcast of the episode, which was originally scheduled to air during the first half of Series Six. It is assumed this then is the story the Doctor was referring to in the episode.
  • This tale was also mentioned in COMIC: Funny Phone Call!
  • The story title itself is a covered reference to a Doctor Who stage play The Seven Keys to Doomsday starring the Daleks that showed at London's Adelphi Theatre for four weeks in 1974.

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