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Solana Mercurio was the PA of Ood Operations and led a tour for businesspersons that wished to see the Ood.

After the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble claimed to represent a company in 4126, Solana invited them on a tour group with her and she gave a brief sales pitch of what the Ood did. Later that day she scanned the Doctor and Donna and found out their company, "Noble Corporation", did not exist. She told her boss, Klineman Halpen, and was ordered to find them without alerting the representatives of the other companies. When the Ood rebelled, she followed the Doctor and Donna outside.

The Doctor gave her a chance to help make things right. She considered it for a moment before calling for guards to capture them, which they did not. Later she tried to get to safety from a group of Ood after ordering the guards to kill them. While the guards were shooting the group, a single surviving Ood killed Solana with the energy from its Translation sphere. (TV: Planet of the Ood)