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Sontaran Empire
Affiliation: Rutan Empire
Bases: Sontar
Leader: General Sontar
Appearances: see list
The Sontaran Empire in Mutter's Spiral was the empire of the Sontarans which fought the Rutan Host in a long war which lasted millennia.

Overview Edit

The empire had numerous high ranking bodies such as Sontaran High Command and the Grand Strategic Council. An elite security detachment of the Sontaran Armed Forces was the Koda. The Sontaran Special Space Service served as highly trained commando units that were deployed in engagements that required infiltration teams to secure a target. The Sontaran Medal of Pacification was awarded to those soldiers who had achieved ten thousand kills of alien species. Law were governed by the Sontaran Military Code. The Sontaran Anthem was the musical piece of the Sontaran Empire, played when regiments were marching. Sontaran breeding planets were planets where Sontarans bred their clones.

Positions within the military hierarchy were colour coordinated. Sontarans who wore green armour were the army's medical and environmental division; one of their duties include the oversight of the cloning vats and the hatcheries. Sontarans prefered a clean death in battle to being patched up. In contrast, members of a ship's crew usually wore blue armour. (PROSE: Lords of the Storm)

Within the Sontaran Empire, it was the policy to upload the laws of territories it had acquired, except when those laws conflicted with the guiding principles of the Sontaran military code. According to this code, anything that was not expressly permitted was considered forbidden. Furthermore, under the laws of the Sontaran Military Code, the death sentence was mandatory for all crimes. (PROSE: Shakedown) One of the highest authorities within the Empire was the Sontaran Imperator. (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)

Military units Edit

The Sontaran military was divided into several different units, regiments and fleets:

History Edit

In the distant past, the Empire was known as the Sontara Warburg. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible)

In the 13th century, the Sontaran Commander Linx of the Fifth Sontaran Battle Group claimed Earth and its satellites and moons in the name of the Empire (TV: The Time Warrior)

One of the priorities of Sontaran soldiers is the capture of a TARDIS. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

Nearing the end of the ten thousand years Earth was uninhabitable due to solar flares, Field Major Styre travelled there to assess the strengths and weaknesses of humanity to plan an invasion of the Mutter's Spiral. As they also used Terullian technology, and there were no Terullian in the Mutter's Spiral, it is possible that the Empire left the home galaxy for a while, possibly to find new ways of destroying the Rutans. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

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