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The Space Army was an organisation that opposed the Daleks at the start of the 25th century. (PROSE: The Secret of the Mountain, Break-through!) Their commander was Vel Karneen, who fought off the Dalek invasion of the Sol system by defeating their fleet over Venus. (PROSE: The Secret of the Mountain)

Andy and Mary Stone called the Space Army to Gurnian to "mop up" after the Horrorkons had defeated the Daleks there. (COMIC: Monsters of Gurnian) Jeff Stone allied himself with the Space Army and tricked the Daleks on Skaro into a surrender. The Space Army landed their fleet on Skaro to present their surrender terms. (PROSE: Break-through!)

The Space Army was called in to fight the munching monster on Mirmi 24. (COMIC: The Very Hungry Snake)

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