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Spacetime, or space-time, was the mathematical combination of time and space, combined into the space-time continuum.

Parallel dimensions ran along spacetime, side by side like grooves on a record. (AUDIO: Aquitaine)

Romana II explained that when connected to the Matrix, the user was outside of real spacetime, "alone on the astral plane." (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

Interstitial time was an envelope of non-space, non-time, underlying the "real" universe and surrounding and separating every space-time event. The inside of the Doctor's TARDIS was considered outside of the real universe, (PROSE: Falls the Shadow) described as not being in local spacetime. Vilal vortex ships existed in the time vortex, on the "edge" of spacetime. (AUDIO: Quicksilver) The granularity of space-time allowed the Master to utilise interstiality and pull objects through time. (TV: The Time Monster, PROSE: The Quantum Archangel)

The Neverwhen existed outside of normal spacetime. (AUDIO: The Neverwhen)

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