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Speaking Out was the nineteenth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Simon Guerrier.

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Anson has asked Benny to give the opening address at a conference that had been set up before the Axis occupied the Collection. He wants to give the impression that the Axis does not censor the workings of the Collection. He does, however, have to approve her transcript before she gives the speech. This event will be broadcast on all the Axis-occupied worlds, though Benny notes that it is set up to reach non-human worlds too.

As Benny gives her speech, her eyes wander over the crowd. She sees Luke, who won't meet her eye.

Benny suddenly deviates from her transcript, as she asks, "But can we, under the ever-watchful eye of the Fifth Axis, discuss our choices openly?" Before she can go on, there is an explosion. People run and shots are fired, and when Benny tries to leave, she is confronted by Luke, who is holding a gun. He accuses her of selling out. He is shot by an Axis soldier.

Several days later, Benny asks Anson what would have happened if she had continued her speech. He doesn't answer, and he thinks she is on their side.

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