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  • Confused about how wikis work and what we do here at the Tardis Data Core? Come here and ask questions without fear of sounding "stupid". (And check out The Time Lord Academy for occasional tips from admin about how to edit!)

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  • Have an idea about how to improve the wiki? Don't understand why we do things as we do? Notice the same problem across several pages? Like its namesake, our Panopticon is the home of our greatest policy debates.

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  • Maybe you wonder which story was "the one with the aliens who had lizard heads". Or maybe you need to know which issues of Doctor Who Adventures featured Rose Tyler after Billie Piper quit. Come here for quick facts—but not speculation.

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  • Just like its namesake, this board is our primary educational forum. The admin staff use it to highlight short tips on grammar, wiki editing, or local policies. Come here so you don't scrape by with 51% on the second attempt!

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  • We have a very broad view of the Doctor Who universe. But there are a few stories we reject, according to rule four of our "four little rules". This forum is where we continue to decide what's in or out.

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  • Have a bug report? Wanna find out what's happening to the code around here? Drop by Drax' cave on Zeos for a little jiggery-pokery.

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  • This board, like the organisation which is its namesake, is dedicated to helping the globe. Come here if you want to discuss the links this wiki has with non-English DOCTOR WHO wikis. There's a lot of work to be done out there!

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  • This is a place for general announcements, not discussions. Please don't start threads here unless you're an administrator. It replaces the old MediaWiki:Community-corner. All threads within should be set to "alert everyone".

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  • Like the Matrix Archives on Gallifrey, this is the repository for all our knowledge. (Well, sorta.) This is where old threads from any of the above boards go to die. Threads here should be closed by admin first.

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  • In which discussions about Wikia-related changes to the site are archived so that Wikia staff members can more easily find them in future

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  • A board to archive threads that largely had no impact on wiki policy.

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Make sure you're talking in the right place

The Forum is for issues that affect more than one page. Please use talk pages if you want to discuss the writing of a single article. For instance, if you disagree with the way the plot of A Good Man Goes to War has been written, take it up at Talk:A Good Man Goes to War (TV story) — not here.