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Special Features was a 2010 Big Finish Productions full-cast audio short story featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.

It was notable for its unusual structure, which used the guise of a DVD commentary recording session as a means for the Doctor and Nyssa to solve the story's central mystery. As a result, it was in places a parody of the Doctor Who DVD commentary process in which both Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton have been involved.

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At last, the cult 1970s horror anthology Doctor Demonic's Tales of Terror is set for release on DVD, complete with a commentary from director Martin Ashcroft, leading actors Sir Jack Merrivale and Johanna Bourke, plus the film's historical adviser — the mysterious "Dr John Smith"!

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  • Some of the lines the fictional actors say are reminiscent of things that actually appear on Peter Davison-led commentaries for the Doctor Who range. For instance, Johanna Bourke mimics Janet Fielding's propensity of stopping the conversational flow of a commentary by randomly saying something about a character's costume. (DCOM: Earthshock and others)

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