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"Species matcher" is a title based upon conjecture.

Check the behind the scenes section, the revision history and discussion page for additional comments on this article's title.

Species matcher
Appearance: Vincent and the Doctor

The species matcher was a device capable of identifying the species of an individual by their image. The Doctor got one as a gift from his godmother, but only bothered to use it in a later regeneration. Its mirror was smashed when the Doctor was looking for a Krafayis. He later seemed to abandon it in the church, but was unlikely to have just left it as it would alter history.

Abilities Edit

Using a direct image or a picture, the system was capable of identifying a species. Though it was capable of using drawings, it would be less accurate. It would give the species' name, planet of origin and other important information. It could connect to the TARDIS to print out the information, or be carried by the user to give information on a mirror screen. It also had the ability to recognise the Doctor, even if he had regenerated, as it printed pictures of the First Doctor and Second Doctor. Presumably, the other past nine lives and maybe even future ones might have been shown if the Doctor had waited long enough. If the identification was incorrect, it would respond to oral instructions to reassess. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

Identifications Edit

Vincent and Doctor tardis

The Doctor attempting to identify the Krafayis with Vincent's drawing. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

  • The Eleventh Doctor, in person: Images of his first and second incarnations as it showed his past lives and his home planet of Gallifrey.
  • A drawing of a Krafayis: Identified as a parrot and a polar bear, both wrong.
  • A Krafayis, in person: Name, planet of origin ("Uncertain"), social structure and preferred habitat.

Behind the scenes Edit

The device was never named on-screen.

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