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The Speelsnape was a predatory creature on the planet Necros. While it didn't harm humans, the speelsnape's natural enemy was the voltrox. The creature was best known for its tactic of hiding its head under a rock and pretending nothing could see it. Vogel compared Davros to a speelsnape in this regard. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)

The Sixth Doctor said Beep, the sadistic tyrant, was as harmless as a speelsnape. (AUDIO: The Ratings War) He once had chocolate speelsnapes in his pocket, sweets, and said his favourite colour was magenta rather than green. (AUDIO: The Rani Elite) As his visit to Ravolox was reviewed during his trial at Space Station Zenobia, the Doctor protested that it was "obvious to a blind speelsnape" that he only worked for Drathro under duress. (TV: The Mysterious Planet)

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