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Splinx was a robot cat who assisted the Sixth Doctor in the Mines of Terror on Rijar. (GAME: Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror)

Abilities Edit

Splinx was completely programmable by the Doctor, and had a number of abilities with which to assist him.

  • Splinx was able to fetch and store items larger than herself thanks to a dimensionally transcendental hyperspace load module.
  • Splinx could remain undetectable to other creatures and proximity sensors. Items Splinx carried remained undetectable as well.
  • The Doctor had location markers he could leave in various places, to which Splinx could always find her way back.

Splinx was powered by Ulrick Neobium energiser cells, which needed to be recharged at external power points from time to time. (GAME: Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror)

Behind the scenes Edit

As with many games of this type and era, in-game narrative is minimal. Most of what is known about Splinx comes from the game's enclosed instruction book. Splinx is a fairly logical counterpart to K9, albeit a cat instead of a dog, and a "she" instead of a "he". Her basic function in the game is to fetch and carry items for the Doctor, who can only carry a limited amount.

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