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Sponge Plant
Biological type: Plant / fungus
Place of origin: Spiridon
Appearance: Planet of the Daleks

Sponge-plants were flowering plants native to Spiridon.

When a sponge-plant sensed nearby animals, it shot out a liquid containing fungal spores which would attach to and spread on those who were hit.

Jo Grant was infected by a sponge-plant. A Spiridon named Wester applied a paste to the infection, curing her. (TV: Planet of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The sponge-plant is not named on television, only in the novelisation.
  • It is never made clear whether the sponge-plant and the fungoid infection spores are two separate species in a symbiotic bond or one species with qualities of both plant and fungus. In nature, a flowering plant reproduces by producing seeds.

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