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Mr Spooner was a teacher at a school in the 21st century. He wore a purple vest and a green tie with music notes on it.

On one occasion, an alien that attended the school turned its students into a violent mindless horde. Spooner hid in the school's chapel with Dougie, Mrs Swain, and Ralph. The Twelfth Doctor and Jata also decided to hide in the chapel and were followed by the students. Spooner worked with Dougie hold the doors to the chapel closed to keep the students out. When Dougie fell unconscious, the students got in and Spooner followed the Doctor into a secret room in the chapel to get away from the students. In the secret room, the Doctor confronted Ralph for creating the commotion and called his mother. Spooner watched in shock as Ralph's mother took him away in a spaceship. (COMIC: Fear Buds)