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SporeShips, known by the Sanukuma alternatively as lifeburners or firecarriers, were the vessels used by the Sanukuma caste of the Kamishi race to create and destroy life during the early age of the universe. The ships appeared to be organic in nature. After the return of the Sanukuma, a clone of River Song, together with "Mr Song", a Kamishi who disguised himself as a future incarnation of the Doctor, have encountered a SporeShip and tried to deactivate it, causing her to be fatally affected. (AUDIO: Signs)

Later, the Rulers of the Universe forced the Eighth Doctor to help them destroy a SporeShip that would destroy the galaxy by sending him inside. With the help of River, the Doctor sent the ship, together with the Sanukumans inside it to the beginning of the universe where no inhabited planets would be destroyed. (AUDIO: The Rulers of the Universe)