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Sub-Commander Sstast was an Ice Warrior who served as Lord Zzaal's second-in-command. He was placed in suspended animation to guard Izdaal's tomb.

In the early 21st century, the Ice Warriors were revived shortly after the arrivals of the crews of the Doctor's TARDIS and the Ares One. Sstast was sent to retrieve Peri Brown, Tanya Webster and Paul Webster from the Argosy, but was instead captured by Paul. Zzaal had sonic missiles launched at the departing shuttle, badly damaging it, but Sstast assisted Peri and Tanya in crashlanding the Argosy. After Zzaal's death and Paul's execution, Sstast stated that he would contact his people and tell them that, while humanity still had a lot to learn, there were those among them who knew of honour and nobility. (AUDIO: Red Dawn)

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