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Sstee-ett-Haspar, which translated to Labyrinth of False Pride, was an Ice Warrior city on Mars.

This settlement was built as a maze, which made it different from Ikk-ett-Saleth. The Labyrinth of False Pride was one of eight cities constructed during the J'Kassar Dynasty around 2000 BC. Such settlements were patterned on the maps in the Blessed Apocrypal Glyph of Oras. In later years, the design was considered blasphemous by Orthodox members of the Order of Oras. Unknown to many, the Labyrinth was modelled on the neural map of an Osiran cerebellum.

Over five centuries before the year 2157, the settlement suffered from an outbreak of sleeping fever. To prevent further infection, a Utt-keth-Johith — in the High Tongue, Plague Seal — was placed to warn travellers of the dangers within. (PROSE: GodEngine)

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