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St Mary's Street was a street in Cardiff. Gwen Cooper said to Rhys Williams that, even if an army of Weevils were to come out of the sewers on St Mary's Street, she'd still marry him on their planned date. (TV: Something Borrowed)

Behind the scenes Edit

Sontarans in Cardiff

Sontarans on St Mary's. (NOTVALID: Legacy)

The street appears in the first level of the game Legacy.

St Mary Street has been used in filming for many episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

In Rose, it was used for exterior shots of Henrik's, on Regent Street, as it explodes. In the same episode, people run around on Regent Street, again St Mary, during the Auton invasion.

In The Runaway Bride, the Tenth Doctor and Donna land the TARDIS on St Mary and try to hail a taxi. Funnily enough, they're trying to get to St Mary's Church. Later on, the people gather on the street to look at the Webstar.

In Planet of the Dead, the Doctor and Christina board the 200 on this street, and the police chase after them.

St Mary Street has also been used in Everything Changes, as outside the pub where Gwen and Jack talk, Day One, where Gwen and Rhys watch a meteor strike, and Small Worlds, where Mark Goodson successfully gets himself arrested.

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