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Star Death (comic story)

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Star Death
Omega's Ship
Featuring: Rassilon
Main enemy: Fenris
Main setting: Gallifrey
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Dez Skinn
Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: John Stokes
Letterer: no credit given
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Magazine Issue 47
Release date: December 1980
Format: B&W 1 part / 4 pages
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Star Death was a backup comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine in 1981. It featured the early days of the Time Lord civilisation and was set during the time of Rassilon and Omega.

Summary Edit

On the order of Grand Master of the Prydonian Chapter, Rassilon, Lord Griffen and Lady Jodelex await the collapse of the dying star, Qqaba. Fenris, also known as the Hell-Bringer, a mercenary from the future, travels back in time to sabotage the experiment and change Time Lord history. He causes the ships' stasis haloes to fail, leaving Lord Omega doomed to fall into the black hole. However, Rassilon's intervention sees Fenris dispatched and the experiment a success. Fenris' discarded belt provides the much needed technology to use the new energy and will provide a form of directional control.

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Qqaba is the name of the dying star with which Rassilon and Omega created the black hole to enable time travel.

Individuals Edit

Technology Edit

Notes Edit

Original print details Edit

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 47 (4) The End

Reprints Edit

Continuity Edit

to be added

Footnotes Edit

  1. Miles, Lawrence (25 July, 2012). 1979. Lawrence Miles' Doctor Who Thing. Retrieved on 9 August, 2012.

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