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Stars Fell on Stockbridge (comic story)

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Stars Fell on Stockbridge
Stars stock
Adapted into: Castle of Fear
Doctor: Fifth Doctor
Companion(s): Maxwell Edison
Main setting:
Stockbridge, 1980s
Alien ship, 1980s
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Steve Parkhouse
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Monthly 68-69
Release date: September - October 1982
Reprinted in:
Format: Comic - 2 parts
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DWM comic stories
The Tides of Time The Stockbridge Horror

Stars Fell on Stockbridge was the Doctor Who Magazine comic story that introduced the recurring character of Maxwell Edison. It also technically introduced Stockbridge, since the village had not been named in the previous story. By firmly placing Wells Wood — which had appeared in the last story — in a place called Stockbridge, The Tides of Time was retconned as having occurred in Stockbridge.

It was further notable for being the last DWM comic drawn by Dave Gibbons, the magazine's main artist since the first issue, and for having its essential plot details dramatised in a flashback in the audio story Castle of Fear. It was thus one of the few DWM comics adapted into another medium.

It has been reprinted a number of times, and a couple of modified panels from the story were later included in the Tenth Doctor story, The Stockbridge Child.

Summary Edit

Maxwell Edison, a normal man from the village of Stockbridge finds himself entering the TARDIS and The Doctor's adventures.

There's no time for questions when Maxwell suddenly finds himself on an alien spaceship and facing the battle of his life to save his village from destruction.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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