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Leela enters the steamer, trapped within the condensation chamber. (TV: The Sun Makers)

Steaming was a method of execution used by the Company. It involved the victim being put into a condensation chamber with a heat exchanger, regulated by water pump, turning the water into high-pressure steam that then went into the condensation chamber thus scalding the victim.

Leela was sentenced to be placed in to the steamer for rebelling against the Company. The proceedings could be seen in person for five talmars and the Collector himself turned out to watch Leela's execution. Alternatively, it could be seen on the public video system, though this was considered an unsatisfactory substitute by the Collector, who liked to hear every scream.

K9 managed to stop the flow of water while the Fourth Doctor entered the system to rescue Leela. At Main Control, Mandrel struggled to hold back the water.

By this time, Leela was within the steamer itself and the Doctor was able to enter and drag her from the condensation chamber. (TV: The Sun Makers)

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