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Stewart was captain of Cargo ship C982 on which the Third Doctor and Jo Grant materialised in the Doctor's TARDIS. The ship was attacked by what appeared to Stewart and his pilot, Hardy, to be Draconians, but were actually Ogrons used by the Master to start a war between humanity and the Draconians. His ship and he were rescued by Gardiner. (TV: Frontier in Space)

Behind the scenes Edit

The novelisation gives a somewhat different impression of the relationship between Hardy and Stewart. It says that Stewart was merely the "younger space pilot" of the two. However, the televised episodes give the impression that Stewart is the senior officer. As cast, neither Hardy nor Stewart is obviously the older. Furthermore, Stewart speaks of the C-982 as "his ship", he regularly tells Hardy to do things, Gardiner immediately speaks to Stewart by name when he enters the C-982, and Stewart speaks first when interrogated by the President of Earth, all of which is at variance with the novel's insistence of a more equal relationship.

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