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Group Marshal Stike fought in the Ninth Sontaran Battle Group in the Madillon Cluster.

Stike joined his subordinate Major Varl in Seville where together they worked with Dastari towards putting together a laboratory where Dastari could perfect the Kartz-Reimer module, a crude prototype space-time vessel to assist in defeating the Rutans in the endless Sontaran-Rutan War. To this end, the two Sontarans had captured the second incarnation of the Doctor and kept him in the cellar of a hacienda. In particular, they wished to find about the Doctor's symbiotic nuclei and enable the Kartz-Reimer module to work.

The long-suffering Stike was stabbed in the leg by Jamie McCrimmon, attacked with coronic acid, partly disintegrated by the time vessel which the Sixth Doctor had sabotaged, and finally blown up by his own spacecraft, which had been set to self-destruct. Shockeye recovered one of his legs. (TV: The Two Doctors)

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