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Storin was the Coordinator of the Celestial Intervention Agency. He asked Genesta to destroy Space Station Zenobia as the new regime wanted it destroyed. He was not found of Genesta, referring to her numerous reprimands for unruly behaviour in the line of duty; Genesta returned those feelings and was delighted to exploit any opportunity she could get to annoy or inconvenience Storin. He had apparently never heard of the Sixth Doctor, though this could be due to the Valeyard messing with records. He was replaced by the Valeyard and imprisoned inside the Matrix as part of the latter's scheme to take over Time Lord society. The Doctor theorised that Storin might had been mistaken as a glitch or after-image by the Matrix's automated systems and deleted as a result.

As the aforementioned events was part of an alternative timeline that the Sixth Doctor ultimately changed, by arranging his own regeneration to stop the Valeyard's plans, it is possible that nothing of it happened to Storin in the main timeline.

Ultimately, Storin's fate is unknown.(AUDIO: The Brink of Death)