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Storm Warning was the sixteenth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. Released in January 2001, this was the first audio story to feature Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, his first time reprising the role in a full cast story since the 1996 television movie, which was his first on-screen appearance as the Doctor.

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October, 1930. His Majesty's Airship, the R101, sets off on her maiden voyage to the farthest-flung reaches of the British Empire, carrying the brightest lights of the Imperial fleet. Carrying the hopes and dreams of a breathless nation.

Not to mention a ruthless spy with a top-secret mission, a mysterious passenger who appears nowhere on the crew list, a would-be adventuress destined for the Singapore Hilton... and a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

There's a storm coming. There's something unspeakable — something with wings, crawling across the stern. Thousands of feet high in the blackening sky, the crew of the R101 brace themselves. When the storm breaks, their lives won't be all that's at stake...

The future of the galaxy will be hanging by a thread.

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  • This was the audio debut of the Eigth Doctor. His first lines are: "TARDIS manual... TARDIS manual... TARDIS manual, not here are you. I really must sort through these shelves properly some centuries soon."
  • The theme arrangement was composed by David Arnold, who has composed a wide range of impressive film scores, such as Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, Hot Fuzz, Paul and Sherlock. (David Arnold's IMDB page) This is the Eighth Doctor's second theme; besides the TV Movie arrangement, Nicholas Briggs composed a third one for the 2nd-4th series of The Eighth Doctor Adventures, based on the Fourth Doctor's theme tune, whilst Jamie Robertson composed a rock-inspired arrangement for the 2011 Mary Shelley trilogy of stories. The Arnold arrangement was used again for The Company of Friends and Dark Eyes. This was the first time that an original theme has been used for the Big Finish audios; the first fifteen releases had used the standardised Fourth Doctor theme.
  • Alistair Lock's score to this story was released on the CD Music from the Eighth Doctor Audio Adventures, alongside the other three initial Eighth Doctor audios.
Storm Warning comic preview

Illustrated preview by Lee Sullivan from DWM 300.

  • The 2001 Eighth Doctor audio drama covers carry the Doctor Who logo in copper. The BBC only noticed this halfway through the season, and were not happy. Gary Russell persuaded them to let Big Finish keep the logo for these four plays, if he promised never to use them again.[source needed]
  • Although the events portrayed are based on an actual occurrence, all of the characters involved are fictional.
  • The Doctor states several times that there were no survivors of the R101 crash. In actuality, eight people survived the crash itself. Two of these individuals later died from injuries sustained in the crash, bringing the total number of survivors to six.
  • As the first Eighth Doctor audio drama, this was also the first Big Finish audio drama to take place after the events of TV: Doctor Who, then the most recent televised appearance of the Doctor.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 18 May 2000 at Christchurch Studios.
  • An illustrated preview of this story appeared in DWM 300 illustrated by Lee Sullivan.
  • This is the first Big Finish audio drama to feature the sonic screwdriver.
  • The story formed part of an Eighth Doctor series on BBC Radio 7 in 2005, alongside the stories Shada, Sword of Orion, The Stones of Venice, Invaders from Mars and The Chimes of Midnight, and has been repeated on multiple occasions since. This led to the commissioning of the original series The Eighth Doctor Adventures, debuting on the digital station in December 2006. Due to a limited timeslot, scenes were edited out of these versions; excluding Shada and The Chimes of Midnight, these were collated into The Eighth Doctor Collection in 2008 with an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary and booklet. Minuet in Hell was excluded from broadcast due to its adult themes.

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